Lucky Paws Go Home


Lucky Paw's team approved as a transport company for dogs and cats for another 5 years!



The year comes to an end....

Dear friends


Irgendwann geht jeder Urlaub zu Ende....


The journey to happiness

Lucky Paws Go Home-Mobil

To make it a stress-free journey for all our passengers, our long, high level Ford transit, built in 2017, is isolated.
The vehicle is equipped with a heating and cooling function (220-volt power socket enables safe transport of the animals during long periods of use), ventilation and video surveillance.

Secure Trip

Dogs and cats travel in their kennel (max 3 in siblings) permanently under video surveillance. The kennel sizes are dimensioned according to EU specifications. XXL boxes for large dogs are also available. To better plan, we ask all giants on four paws for a separate request.

Routes, special trips, arrivals and departures

Our possible routes:

Iasi, Galati, Bucharest, Sibiu, Arad, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Memmingen, Stuttgart, Cologne, Kamen, Bielefeld, Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen on request
Iasi, Gheogherni, Cluj, Satu Mare, Oradea, Arad ...

Special trips are possible on request at special rates.

On Sundays, our team is on its way from Germany to Romania. On Wednesday final preparations are made, among other things, the Lucky Paws Go Home mobile for the big tour again "prepared". Since April 1, 2019, we no longer travel on Fridays, but back to Germany on Thursdays. The advantages: less traffic and earlier arrival times of the animals on weekends.

On the departure day we set up a chat in which all parties are gathered. Here is the journey progress reports!

Required data for transport

The following data is required and must be available at least seven days before the departure date:

  • Name of travel guest Date of birth of the animal
    castrated yes / no
    Date of the last rabies vaccination (rabies)
    Size (shoulder height) in cm and weight (to plan the box sizes)
    Name of the two-legged receiver incl. Sender address and telephone number
    in the case of direct adoption we need a transport permit in written form from the recipient (by e-mail)
    Information about the importing organization
    if possible, please indicate the number of yout TRACES permission.

Important notes for the responsible biped

Please talk to us about the meeting places in Germany!
We try as far as possible to accommodate your wishes and to plan meeting places near the recipients.
However, a radius of around 100 to 120 km should be possible.
Home Delivery is made on request in certain cases.
Additional kilometers we calculate then with 0,45 Euro per kilometer!

Animal documents for the journey

Before each trip we need the following documents:

  • The passport copies must be available from each traveler (please send by e-mail to or make a reservation via this page).
  • All dogs must have a valid rabies vaccine, be vaccinated and dewormed twice, and have a readable microchip.
  • The Health-Book should be given to the EU passport (due to the stickers in the passport). Some veterinary offices in Germany insist on it.
  • The EU passport must have a sender address as well as the address of the future owner / organization.

What should be considered before transport?

  • At least 12 hours BEFORE transport, the lucky noses should no longer be fed. For the animals it is not a good start into the new life, if this begins immediately with stomachache and nausea.
  • 24 hours BEFORE transportation, passengers should be provided with deworming and Spot on preparations. Even deworming agents can cause nausea or diarrhea - coupled with the excitement this is not a good combination.
  • A few days BEFORE the transport should - if desired by the organizations - various tests (for example, the 4 DX test) take place. Dogs that are not allowed to travel due to a positive test result can therefore be canceled early - this saves the trace fees.
  • If dogs are canceled at short notice (up to 48 hours before), we have to charge the Tracesgebühren (20 euros) and travel costs.

Who is lucky enough to travel with Lucky Paws Go Home?

We only take animals on tour that are physically capable of doing so. Basically, we trust in the verdict of the official veterinarians, who certify the ability to travel by dog ​​and cat. Nevertheless, we always reserve the right to take a closer look at each four-legged friend before a trip.

Handicapped dogs and quadrupeds, who need special supervision or have special needs, travel with us only after prior, detailed agreement in their luck.

The travel costs

Our passengers travel at a flat-rate inclusive price.

Dogs: 130 Euro / 150 Euro XXL Cage, Cats: 80 Euro.

Gladly we take over for you the registration of the traces, additional costs do not arise thereby.

Individual transports on request.

Last but not least

Upon transfer of the animal in the country of arrival to the recipient, the liability is transferred!

Here you will find our approval for the transport of dogs and cats.